How to install the PDF IRM Protector?

first post: rexchen01 wrote: I cannot register PdfIrmProtector.dll as COM object and open proje...

latest post: annajhaveri wrote: Were you able to solved this issue?

Deployment instructions

first post: mbairi wrote: We are trying install this protector as COM component on 64 bit win...

latest post: annajhaveri wrote: Has anyone been able to register the dll successfully as com compon...

Error LNK1104: cannot open file "qpdf_d.lib"

first post: devarpmon wrote: Hi, As per the source code, it uses "qpdf-2.2.2_VC6" library....

latest post: annajhaveri wrote: Did you get solution of this issue? I am also facing the same issue.

Download link only downloads pdfirmprotector.dll

first post: Lwilliams wrote: Hello, When I click the download link, the only file I get is the ...

latest post: SJLarsen wrote: The .reg file is in the Source Code section.


first post: vravichoudary wrote: Hii have a requirement i need to restrict users to download,save an...

latest post: amoore1227 wrote: Same here - has anyone been able to get this working?

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